My 6 favourite things about this Heritage Day weekend

Last Thursday it was Heritage Day in South Africa. Heritage Day is a public holiday, so like many others Mr Brat and I took advantage of this off day. We had ourselves an extra long weekend and got out of the city as we headed to Mpumalanga.

South Africa is uniquely diverse. Everyone has a different heritage and chooses to celebrate this day in their way. Heading to the warmer Mpumalanga climate, here is what I had to look forward to:

Image of girl in pool.

1. Swimming

By now you’ve probably noticed I really, really enjoy swimming. There are so many stunning waterfalls in Mpumalanga waiting to be explored. I was really excited about catching some sun and soaking up those rays. So, no it was no surprise that I had a swimsuit (or two) packed in my bag.

2. Reading

Over weekends I try to spend some less time on my phone. Right now, I’m reading a couple of really good books. I definitely wanted to take the time to delve into these reads this weekend, so I packed in the Kindle to read pool side.  

*Remember to keep an eye on my monthly life lately updates to find out more about which books I’m currently enjoying.

Image of an open book.

3. Braai

Of course Heritage Day is also colloquially known as Jan-Braai-Dag. So it won’t really be Heritage Day if the fire isn’t lit, baby! 🔥🥩 I wasn’t too sure about what our plans for the braai-ing was going to be, but I knew one thing for sure – I was taking some marshmallows and chocolates with for some yummy s’mores!

4. Game spotting

I absolutely love going on game drives, it’s literally one of my favourite things about living in South Africa. And where better to spot some wild than the Kruger National Park.

5. Catching up with family

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen any of my extended family members. This weekend I’m stopping by my uncle for a drink and some quality catch-up time. 

6. Padkos

Going on road trips is always so much fun – I love it. Both for the excitement of a destination approaching and because I get to taste the experience through food. PADKOS 😋 I’m sure there’s always a debate about whether or not padkos should be homemade or not. To me, it’s both! The only real requirement is that it should taste good. 


What were you looking forward to most for this Heritage Day long weekend and how did you celebrate? 🇿🇦

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